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"I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then" - Lewis Carrol, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Personal and Professional Training

Certification Training for Personal and Professional Development and Deepening the Practice

Movement, Creativity, Expression, and Healing

I had the privilege of being mentored for 2 years by Eva Vigran in her Core Connexion Transformational Arts program and am a honoured to be a certified Core Connexion Facilitator. This healing modality opened my heart and dramatically changed the course of my life. I always hold a healing space in my yoga classes through techniques that I learned through this process and sometimes open my yoga class with authentic movement, as inspired by this process. To learn more about Core Connexion, please watch this short 5 min video. At the core of everybody is the dance. So simple and so inspiring. Thank you, Eva!
Janice Skiffington

Core Connexion Movement Practice & Body-Centered Soul Process

… is an invitation to enter your own dance, wisdom and resources, connecting with aliveness, freedom and interconnection with all living beings. It is a movement and transformational arts practice for personal and professional development, which inspires and transforms people from all over the world.
Dance and movement are affirmations of aliveness and the joy of life.
Through movement we can get in touch with the gifts, talents, wisdom, vitality and resources that are contained within our bodies. We activate our life energy, creativity, joy, awareness and self-healing forces and tap into own innate “dance medicine”.
Allowing our bodies to lead the way, we can remember our bodies and ourselves. We enhance creativity, capacity and fitness of brain + body. We can move out of depression into expression and exploration, opening to the mystery of life more and more. Through increasing our repertoire of motion, emotion, strength and expression in both our body and psyche, we blaze new trails in our brains and find new solutions, no matter what our age. We explore new possibilities and find new ways to truly be ourselves.
During this training we explore the dance of our personal and collective stories through our lives. Through exploring, remembering and expressing our stories, journeys and life dreams we can find our unique soul track and inner medicine. We can discover the possibilities that lie in our own individual life stories, talents and gifts and create our own map of life.
*In Core Connexion we always start with the body, but it is an integral approach to human development that works within all four areas of our lives: body – mind – heart - soul/spirit
*Core Connexion is creative and innovative, as our practice is experiential and experimental and full of wonder
*Core Connexion is transformative, in that all areas of your life are developed simultaneously, creating a transformation that takes you to new levels of integration and expansion.
* Core Connexion emphasizes regular, long term practice over "quick fixes" to provide a truly sustainable base from which to be our true self.
Body: become anchored in the body’s sensation and discover its wisdom
Heart: acceptance and compassion practice
Mind: stress reduction, awareness based self-inquiry, inner witness, introducing wonder instead of judgment
Spirit: develop a regular movement meditation practice and deep connection to one’s core

1st year – Dance Medicine

Course Curriculum - Re-inhabiting the body - mapping the territory
The self experiential part is designed for those who:
* want to experience the power of the Transformational Arts in depth
* want to begin a new chapter in their lives
* want to activate their own self healing forces
* want to feel more alive and encourage others to feel alive too
* work with individuals or groups in the capacity of service, healing,    
   education, and the arts
* love to dance, play, and learn together with others
* Dance as meditation, expression and healing ritual
* Centering, grounding, energy management
* Ways of perception, observation, developing the inner witness
* Enhancing the participant’s expression through creative arts like Authentic  
  Dance, drawing, forming, writing, etc….
* Understanding the body’s messages as mirror of our psyche
* Embodied Presence and Mindfulness as a practice
* Introduction to the 8 Keys of alivness, wholeness and connection
* Core Resourcing: recognizing our own inner resources
* Exploring the relationship to self and others in life and dance
* Core Connexion principles
* Giving creative and appropriate feedback
* Process of holding an accepting and healing space for ourselves and
* Body Centered Soul Process as a self-experiential experience
We will experiment combine and practice different techniques of Core Connexion, including:
Movement, psychology, touch, brain science, centering and expressive arts.
We will gain a deeper understanding of our experiences through discussion, theoretical readings and small lectures. Between the Modules participants will deepen their individual understanding through reading, writing assignments, home practice and peer meetings.
At the end of the first year participants receive a certificate of participation.

2nd Year - Deeper

Bringing Core Connexion into everyday life and the community
Course Curriculum
The second year is designed for those who:
* want to bring themselves more authentically to their lives and careers
* want to integrate their own learning into their work of holding space for
   the healing process
* want to bring more aliveness, openness and learning into all parts of
   their communities
* want to build their competence and confidence when working with   
* want to deepen their own experience of Core Connexion
* want to find their own way of applying CCTA in their professional lives
* Core Resourcing
* Individuation and differentiation
* Deepening of the 8 Keys
* Explore the behavioral and bodily patterning caused by society,
   religion and culture
* How Core Connexion effects the brain
* The practice and service of facilitation, technique, resources, instruction,  
   theoretical background, observation
* Resourcing, tracking of energy and healing through the body 
* Planning and intuition - being prepared and also in the moment
* Attitude and presence of a facilitator, empathy, compassion, boundaries
* Learning of the Core Connexion principles in depth
* Peer teaching and peer meetings where participants practice the principles
* Community Service
* working out the personal, individual application of CCTA in personal and
  professional life
Prerequisites for the training
1)    Introductory workshop with Eva Vigran
2)    Application + Questionnaire
Graduation Requirements for Practitioner of CCTA (Core Connexion Transformational Arts):
1) Completing required reading and writing assignments. Most of the required reading material is included, some need to be purchased.
2) Completing personal practice requirements (taking classes, individual sessions, peer meetings, facilitating communal classes/events)
3) Attending 90% of the classes of all the Modules.
4) Short 5 minute solo improvisational presentation
After successful completion the participant has met the certification requirements and has earned the right to use the name “Core Connexion Practitioner” and use the name “Core Connexion Transformational Arts”. 

3rd year: Supervision and Therapeutic Integration - Master Level:


* Movement observation
* Resourcing, tracking of energy and healing through the body 
* Therapeutic intervention
* Core Connexion and Trauma
* Core Connexion in different settings
* Online Supervision and discussion of classes, sessions and therapeutic interventions

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