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New Core Connexion Trainings are starting up in Europe in August 2016 and Canada October 2016!!!

Personal and Professional Training

Certification Training for Personal & Professional Development and Deepening the Practice

Movement, Dance, Presence, Mindfulness

I had the privilege of being mentored for 2 years by Eva Vigran in her Core Connexion Transformational Arts program and am a honoured to be a certified Core Connexion Facilitator. This healing modality opened my heart and dramatically changed the course of my life. I always hold a healing space in my yoga classes through techniques that I learned through this process and sometimes open my yoga class with authentic movement, as inspired by this process. To learn more about Core Connexion, please watch this short 5 min video. At the core of everybody is the dance. So simple and so inspiring. Thank you, Eva!
Janice Skiffington

In depth practice and Leadership training 2016 - 2018 

with Founder Eva Vigran, MA Psych and Senior Faculty Nadia Van Doren
The Practice
Learn in-depth practices to work effectively with body, awareness, movement, energy and emotions to foster physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and well-being for yourself and your community.
The body is a wonderful anchor for our conscious awareness and a storehouse of gifts, talents and deep wisdom. Movement is not something that we do, but something that we are. 
Putting body and movement together takes us beyond the limits of thought and speech, into the non-verbal space of sensations, emotions and moving aliveness where we can tap into our organic resources, body intelligence and natural self-healing forces. 
Core Connexion invites us to be connected to our most authentic sense of self through a holistic way of working. The practice speaks to all levels of our intelligence: 
Core Connexion invites…
*us to perceive our bodily sensations consciously. This opens the gates to the present moment and leads to embodiment and presence;
*the heart to open to acceptance, compassion and interconnection;
*the mind to open in order to perceive life with curiosity and to create a new way of thinking and reframing; 
*the spirit by developing a regular practice through conscious movement and centering. This anchors us in our lives and gives us access to our inner refuge; 
*the soul to be a passionate dancer in a space which lies beyond our personality and social roles. There we can find and follow our unique expression in the dance between the eternal and the mundane.
The Core Connexion practice is based on "8 Core Connexion Keys” which are designed to open our awareness to the present moment through sensory awareness and to activate our organic self-healing forces by mobilizing, circulating or calming our life force through the systems of the body, heart, mind and spirit.
An  interdisciplinary approach  of different techniques from movement, expression, dance, psychology, brain science, martial arts and meditation helps participants of all ages to develop their individual resources and creative potential.
Practicing deeply in and with a community of CC practitioners and in addition to that, a few minutes a day of focused individual practice, has positive effects on your happiness, well-being, aliveness and creativity. Integrating these powerful principles into your daily life brings more clarity, compassion and connection to your relationships and community. 
More info and prices are coming soon. 
Training in Europe starts on August 7th, in Canada end of October

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