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Dancing Life from Your Core!!!… is an invitation to enter your own dance, wisdom and resources, connecting with aliveness, freedom and interconnection with all living beings. It is a movement and transformational arts practice for personal and professional development, which inspires and transforms people from all over the world.

Eva's Bookshelf

Recommended Reading/viewing and Bibliography for Core Connexion Training
Angeles Arrien: The Four Fold Way, 1993 San Francisco
Angeles Arrien: The Tarot Book and all the other books from her are just fantastic
Martine Batchelor: Let Go, A Buddhist Guide to breaking free from habits.
Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance, New York 2003
                  True Refuge, 2012
Stuart Brown: Play, how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination,….
Richard D. Carson: Taming your Gremlin, 1983, New York, funny and clever.
Christine Caldwell: Getting our Bodies Back, Body centered Psychotherapy!
Pema Chodron: When Things fall apart
                        The places that scare you
Norman Doidge: The brain that changes itself.
Barbara Ehrenreich: Dancing in the Streets - a history of collective joy
Donna Farhi: Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit - A return to wholeness
James S Gordon: Unstuck, your seven stage journey out of depression
Hafiz: translated by Daniel Ladinsky: The Gift, Poems by Hafiz
                                                            The Subject Tonight is Love -my favorites!
Joan Halifax: The fruitful darkness - Buddhist practice and tribal wisdom
Anna Halprin: Returning to health - very good! some lesson plans are in it too.
Daria Halprin: The expressive body in life, art and therapy

Peggy Hackney: Making Connections: Total Body Integration through Bartieneff

Rick Hanson + Richard Mendius: Buddha’s Brain, 2009 Oakland
Roger Housden: 10 poems to change your life, 2003 New York
Cheri Huber: When you’re falling, dive! / Suffering is optional,....!
Catherine Ingram: Passionate Presence, New York 2003
Thomas Kaltenbrunner: Contact Improvisation (lots of practical exercises)
Stanley Keleman: Somatic Reality, 1979 Berkeley
Jack Kornfield: After the Ecstasy the Laundry - great Meditation teacher!, all other books great too.
Jack Kornfield: The wise Heart (Buddhist Psychology)
Mirka Knaster: Discovering the Body’s Wisdom, 1996, New York
Ron Kurtz: Hakomi
Anodea Judith: Wheels of Life. (Chakras and psyche!)
                        Eastern body, Western mind.
Stephen Levine: A Year to Live, 1997 New York
Peter Levine: Waking the Tiger (Trauma and the Body)!
                        Healing Trauma
Richard Moss: The mandala of being
Stephen Nachmanovitch: Free Play, the power or improvisation in live and the arts.1989, New York
Mary Oliver: my favorite Poet… I have all of her books now…
Wendy Palmer: The intuitive Body, 1994, North Atlantic Books, Whole Book, Berkeley is a must!
Wendy Palmer: The Practice of Freedom, 2002 Berkeley, excerpts
Johanna Putnoi: Senses wide open, The art and practice of living in your body, 2012, Berkeley
John J Ratey, MD, Spark, the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain
Natalie Rogers: The Creative Connection, Expressive Arts as Healing 1993, Palo Alto
Jack Lee Rosenberg /Majorie Rand /Diane Asay: Body, Self and Soul: Sustaining Integration
Sharon Salzberg: Loving Kindness, Boston, 1997, Meditation
Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight, 2006
Eckhardt Tolle: all good
Stephen Wolinsky: Quantum Consciousness, 1993 (quantum psychology!)
Ruth Zaporah: Action Theater, 1995 Berkeley, (works as handbook, when you are teaching)
Jon Kabat Zinn : all good, Buddhist Teacher and Stress management clinic
Eva’s Favorite Dance movies:
Anna Halprin: Breath made visible + Returning Home
Wardance: Documentary about children in refugee camps, using dance as a means of healing their trauma
Rize: Documentary on inner City kids, using dance to work with aggression creatively
Billy Eliot: fiction, sweet movie about a miner’s kid in Scottland, his journey into the dance


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