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"There is such kindness in our bodies coming together. Your right hand says to my left, 'hello friend, I am here to Be with you, dipping and spinning, rising and falling, moving apart and coming back together, again and again, in this one..." Rachel Kaplan, Participant at Core Connexion

Deeper Workshops

Level 2:Core Connexion “Deeper” Workshops
In Level 2 participants have the opportunity for deeper exploration and connection with the inner landscape of their body and soul. They can recover wholeness and inner resources. Participants also have the opportunity to build and learn how to use creative tools for their lives.
Dance Medicine series:
Dance and movement are affirmations of the aliveness in our bodies and the mystery of life. Through movement we can get in touch with the gifts, talents, wisdom and resources that are contained within our bodies. We can remember ourselves and tap into own innate “dance medicine”. See “Dance is our Medicine” (as link to “about Core Connexion)
Soul dancer series: My soul is a passionate dancer
In this workshop series, we explore the dance of our personal and collective stories through our lives.Through exploring, remembering and expressing our stories, journeys and life dreams we can find our unique soul track and inner medicine. We can discover the possibilities that lie in our own individual life stories, talents and gifts and create our own map of life.
Theater of the Soul... Core Connexion Performance Workshops and Labs
We all are players on the big stage of life. Of all of the roles we play, some we like, and some we don’t. The Core Connexion Performance groups are opportunities to explore and step in and out of the roles, masks, emotions, and patterns that we embody throughout our lives. We can choose to explore and express the obvious and the obscure in ourselves, in a safe place; and turn those roles into resources.
Through remembering the body, our personal lives and our connection to the collective, we tap into an abundance of stories. In these performance workshops each participant brings his/her unique story, movement and expression to the group and helps to co-create the performance as a ritual of healing, both for the group and the audience.
In these workshops we use techniques from drama, gestalt therapy, improvisation and performance in addition to the usual Core Connexion Techniques.


About Core Connexion

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