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Dancing Life from Your Core!!!… is an invitation to enter your own dance, wisdom and resources, connecting with aliveness, freedom and interconnection with all living beings. It is a movement and transformational arts practice for personal and professional development, which inspires and transforms people from all over the world.

Advanced Studies and Therapeutic Integration

Level 4: Body - Centered Soul process
Advanced studies and therapeutic integration to build essential tools and techniques to strengthen the core spirit.
In this level, participants have the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the Core Connexion process and how it can serve certain projects, problems and groups. In this interdisciplinary approach, we combine techniques from psychology, expressive arts, brain science, shamanism and contemplative traditions in order to promote inner resources and tools for changing the brain to benefit our whole being. Participants will learn, build, develop and co-create tools to strengthen the core spirit.


About Core Connexion

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