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… A moving Practice of Embodied Presence

Core ConneXion Transformational Arts®

with Eva Vigran MA Somatic Psychology


... is an invitation to enter your own dance, wisdom and resources, connecting with body, aliveness, freedom and interconnection with all living beings. It is a movement and transformational arts practice for personal and professional development, which inspires and transforms people from all over the world. 
We invite you to join us in our somatic, creative and expressive movement practice...
* journeying and strengthening the connection to the core of your body and soul!
* exploring the 8 Keys of aliveness, wholeness and connection!
* enhancing creativity, stamina, strength, repertoire of motion and emotion and presence!
* connecting with freedom, individual uniqueness and also interconnection with all living beings. 
* entering your own dance, wisdom and resources.


In Core Connexion we combine techniques from movement, dance, psychology (somatic, trauma and buddhist), brain science, and meditation. This interdisciplinary approach develops inner resources and tools to benefit your whole being – on and off the dance floor.
Our intention is to create a space for all of us to connect to our core essence and explore our creative potential and deep resources because we believe that an individual's personal growth and awareness also serve to support and expand global consciousness. We intend to help people find, build and use creative tools for life in this always changing world.
We are looking forward to dancing and exploring with you.
Eva Vigran MA Psych & Team



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