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… A moving Practice of Embodied Presence

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Check out our new 5 minute radio interview excerpt about Core Connexion on you tube

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Dance and movement are affirmations of aliveness and the joy of life. Movement is not something that we do ... We ARE movement. Infused with awareness, interest and playfulness, movement becomes a wonderful practice of presence.
The body is a wonderful anchor for our conscious awareness. Anchoring our awareness in the body, takes us beyond the limits of thought and speech, into an ocean of sensations, emotions and moving aliveness. This is where we can connect to and follow our own inner voice, calling us home to our authentic and unique inner nature.
On our movement journey, the "8 Core Connexion Keys” are designed to open our awareness to the body, mind, heart and spirit - an invitation to enter the present moment in an interesting and playful way. These keys can be applied to the dance floor as well as to every day life. 
In Core Connexion we combine techniques from movement, dance, psychology (somatic, trauma and buddhist), brain science, and meditation. This interdisciplinary approach develops inner resources and tools to benefit your whole being – on and off the dance floor.
Our intention is to create a space for all of us to connect to our core essence and explore our creative potential and deep resources because we believe that an individual's personal growth and awareness also serve to support and expand global consciousness. We intend to help people find, build and use creative tools for life in this always changing world.
We are looking forward to dancing and exploring with you.
Eva Vigran MA Psych & Team



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