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"My experience of the workshop was life-changing. In the presence of acceptance and acknowledgment I was able to reach deeply and unearth the missing links to full self- expression and peace. With Eva's guidance and the unconditional love of the group, it was the loveliest opportunity to do the hardest work in my life." Eugenia B. Berkeley

… A moving Practice of Embodied Presence

Core ConneXion Transformational Arts®

with Eva Vigran MA Somatic Psychology

Movement is not something that you do, but something that you are!
It is a universal language that takes us beyond the limits of the spoken word and conscious thought into a deeper field of sensations, emotions and awareness of our unique and embodied aliveness. 
The "8 Core Connexion keys” open the gates to the present moment and invite us to the dance of life.  They lead us to the frequency of our harmonious, authentic and unique aliveness at our core. Each class begins with a somatic meditation and centering practice - preparing us to embark on a journey that invites our well being through movement and stillness, listening and expression, body and soul, community awareness and co-creation.
CoreConnexion, founded by Eva Vigran MA Psych in 1999, is a path that transforms and inspires people all over the world.
In Core Connexion we combine techniques from movement, dance, psychology (somatic, trauma and buddhist), brain science, and meditation. This interdisciplinary approach develops inner resources and tools to benefit your whole being – on and off the dance floor.
Our intention is to create a space for all of us to connect to our core essence and explore our creative potential and deep resources because we believe that an individual's personal growth and awareness also serve to support and expand global consciousness. We intend to help people find, build and use creative tools for life in this always changing world.
We are looking forward to dancing and exploring with you.
Eva Vigran MA Psych & Team



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